11. March 2012

Embody for Business and School

Cut back on absent days due to back pain. Period.
Get a straight posture. Learn methods and exercises that immediately work on your stability, prevent & relieve back pain.

Many symptoms such as tension, ISG syndrome, lumbago, etc. are caused by one’s own posture and movement habits over the years and are literally “homemade”. For example by sitting at a desk, working for hours at the computer. Our body shapes according to how we sit, stand and walk. It creates deformation of the spine and symptoms itself. Good news is: we can change them the same way they were created. They can be made good, from the inside out. From the CANTIENICA®-tutorial one can learn about increasing flexibility & stability awareness to be more “back-friendly” and thus prevent musculoskeletal discomfort in everyday life. CANTIENICA® training gives you strength, agility and power from the middle of the body. It stretches your spine and works towards alignment and great posture. Thus deformations and back pain can become cured. Many exercises are reinforced by breathing techniques, that are relaxing and actively support stress management. The straightening of the spine stimulates mental performance and positively affects ones mood. Try it yourself. Once you felt it, you don’t want to live without it!

Are you a teacher and want posture training for your students? An Embody posture training class can be held directly in your classroom. With clear images and practical experience, show your students how to sit upright, and moves through the day. Contact me for a consultation!

Embody offers regular classes in CANTIENICA®- Method for Shape and perfect Posture @ Swiss RE.

Learn exercises and methods to influence and benefit your posture directly from the inside.

Due to statistics 80% of our western society lives with back pain. Most of the pain is „homemade“ as a result of male posture and movement in daily life. The good thing: We can change our habits and learn how to sit, stand and move in a way that is beneficial for us. For our joints, muscles and our whole skeleton. CANTIENICA® works with the muscles very close attached to the bones. It works with the most inner layer of the pelvic floor, the so called Levator Ani. Here the good posture starts. Having an erect spine directly supports our immune system, our mental performance and our mood too. Try it for yourself.

Every thursday from 11.30 to 12.30 in Escherhaus Fitnessroom.