29. March 2011

Hey! Welcome!

For the past 6 years I have coached hundreds of classes men and women to help them get the posture and shape they want. To empower people for changing their posture, curing symptoms and gaining back quality of life thrills me. I teach the CANTIENICA® – Method internationally’ and have taught in New York, Miami, Hamburg und Malaga.

For four years, i was the assistant to Benita Cantieni thus receiving her CANTIENICA® – Method Education directly from its creator. I taught in Cantieni’s Studio in Zürich-Seefeld from 2009-2016. Since 2012 i have taught the method as an independent practitioner in my studios in Zurich and travel between workshops and projects in & around Europe and the USA.

In 2008 I met CANTIENICA® method for body shape and posture and since the first lesson I was convinced my w hole body was revitalised from the inside out and I felt stronger and more stable. To share my experience and insights of CANTIENICA®-Method in a comprehensive and practical approach , really enriches my life and the life of others. I run CANTIENICA® workshops, group and private lessons and give Pranic Healing treatments. I am looking forward to inspiring you for your body intelligence to provide ways and means to make your personal body experience happiness. As a member of Quality Club CANTIENICA® I commit to continually being at the cutting edge of anatomical research of Benita Cantieni.”

„I show people, how to use and move their body in a beneficial way in order to gain more stability, a pain free life and great posture so they can experience the body in its potential of sensuality, effortlessness and joy. „(Nükhet Wieben)

My Educations

Pranic Healing Psychotherapie                                         2013 Max Witschi / Thun

Pranic Healing II                                                                  2013 Katharina Meyer Peter Stöckli / Bern

Pranic Healing Basisseminar (2013 bei Angelika Hunziker/Zürich)
CANTIENICA®-go! (2011 bei Benita Cantieni/Zürich)
CANTIENICA®-Faceforming (2011 bei Benita Cantieni/Zürich)
CANTIENICA®-Das Rückenprogramm (2010 bei Benita Cantieni/Zürich)
CANTIENICA®-Beckenbodentraining (2009 bei Benita Cantieni/Zürich)
CANTIENICA®-Das Coaching (2009 bei Benita Cantieni/Zürich)
CANTIENICA®-Das Powerprogramm (2009 bei Andrea Tresch/Zürich)
Reiki Grad II nach Dr. Mikao Usui 2003 in Neumünster
Reiki Grad I nach Dr. Mikao Usui  1996 in Köln