30. August 2013

Is this training for me?

This test will give you a rough estimate as to how your posture is at the moment.

1) I have neck tension.

2) I sit all day at a computer, and in the evening everything hurts.

3) My spine looks curved, even if I feel like I am as straight as possible.

4) It’s tiring to sit up straight.

5) I have back pain.

6) I have heavy legs, which makes movement hard work.

7) My shoulders hang down.

8) No matter how much I train, my belly always sticks out.

9) I have shallow breathing.

10) My spine is curved, I’m reluctant to wear a backless dress or top.

11) I have flat feet or other foot deformities.

12) I have knock-knees, or bow legs.

13) I have bothersome fat at my waist, which don’t go, even with a lot of sport.

14) I have a prolapse for which my doctor recommended pelvic floor training.

15) My head looks to much upfront. The neck is thick.

16) I have “saddle bags”, which don’t go, even with a lot of sport.

17) I wish for a majestic posture and charisma.

18) I wish to be fit and flexible into old age.

19) I want to live free of back pain.

20) Since i gave birth, i never found back to my usual shape.

21) I want a more streamlined body.

If you could answer a few of these questions with a YES, you would  benefit from regular exercise. Try it yourself.