20. August 2011


The CANTIENICA® method for Body Shape & Posture is an anatomically substantiated training concept.

The CANTINICA® method, named after its inventor Benita Cantieni, is the holistic anatomically found training concept that focuses on training muscles to lengthen, rather than shorten. The muscles that affect the skeleton and the posture are stretched, activated and trained. The spine, with the Levator Ani, the innermost pelvic muscles as the foundation, are stretched to their optimal length, the result is space in and between the joints. Learn to know your body in a new and inspiring way, to optimize your potential for mobility, energy and a beautiful posture.

Many symptoms such as pain in the back, tension, ISG syndrome, lumbago, etc., arise from our posture and movement habits over the years. Consequently, the way we sit, lay, move and stand, form our body. The results from our “physical habits” can be resolved from the inside and out.

The alignment of the system straightens and strengthens muscles, which is felt and seen from the inside out. The body is deliberately stretched; problem areas are lengthened and elongated. This results in the body, from the inside out, being tight, upright and healthy!