15. June 2015


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Benita Cantieni, aged 64, is the founder of CANTIENICA® – Method for Body Form & Posture. Being diagnosed with a severe scoliosis, Scheuermann’s disease, arthrosis in her hip joint and a fracture of her sacrum, she already had to undergo regular therapy in her youth. She was excluded from sports and, in addition, lived on painkillers.Forced by her own handicaps, she started to study anatomy in order to fully understand her physical weaknesses. Today, her previously scoliotic spine is perfectly straight, she is free of pain, her body loves to move and exercise. The new posture made her grow by two inches and her formerly tortured body changed its shape tremendously. Cantieni began to teach her findings to interested men and women and finally developed her anatomy-based CANTIENICA® – Method for Bodyform & Posture. The exercise program is constantly being updated as new findings arise. A former journalist and author, Benita Cantieni published her own story as a book that became a bestseller in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. To this day, she published 21 books and 4 videos in German.

The CANTIENICA® method acts as effective posture training on the entire musculoskeletal system. Through regular training and usage of the CANTIENICA® principles in daily life, the following symptoms can be sustainably improved and healed:

poor posture and spinal deformations of different kinds: scoliosis, lordosis, kyphosis, pelvic obliquity,

bow legs, knock knee

hemorrhoids, prostate enlargement

foot deformities, headaches, migraines to depression

osteoarthritis, bone erosion, Osteoporosis

shortening of tendons / ligaments

urine and fecal incontine

decrease in sexual sensitivity

osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, joint pain, tension

hunching, stiffening of the sacrum,  herniated discs

organ reductions, prolapse, pelvic floor muscle slackness

Cellulite, “saddlebags”, “bingo wings”, “love handles”, etc..

Further info can be found at www.cantienica.com